Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.) has continuous innovations & concepts which enhances our client’s prospects for imminent and valuable Investment Opportunities.

In assisting our clientele to accomplish effective results and enhance acquisitions and developments of new opportunities we broaden the development by ensuring all areas of due diligence, transparent insights of all open prospects, and portfolio assessments are accessed to the highest level. Our consultants specialize in complicated opportunities and targeted investments enabling our clients to benefit from a diverse obtainable market.

The element of Due Diligence transpires and enables the probability of successful transactions and returns by thoroughly reviewing the potential return in the market and analysing prospective disadvantages which could affect the overall outcome. FA Ltd. produces Research and Analysis reports in the following areas:

Economic Monitor

Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.) provides the latest analysis reports of the Global Economic Monitor, which will provide insight of economic developments, with a breakdown of developing and high-income economies affecting the market. Current updates are provided with present exchange rates, equity markets, interest rates and emerging market.

Retail Cities

Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.) are market specialists in advising developers and investors on the latest development of retail schemes across the UK and globally. We offer you experience, and strategic reports enabling our clientele to accomplish enhanced and calculated decisions.

Property Insight

Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.) has extensive experience and knowledge of the international property market, allowing us to provide insight into property investments advice and opportunities. We provide a decisive guide to the global commercial property from the perspective of developers and investors.